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We are a team of doctors, educators, practitioners, and supporting staff members. It is our goal to help you breakthrough your health challenges using functional medicine standards and testing, powerful natural protocols, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, and specifically designed functional food programs. As you start to learn about us and what drives our practice, feel free to connect with us and ask us questions about how we can help you.

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Dr. Steve Burlison

Chronic Pain Schaumburg IL Dean Shoucair Medical Director

DEAN A. SHOUCAIR, D.O., m.P.H. - Medical Director

Dean A. Shoucair, D.O., M.P.H., is Board Certified in Occupational, Preventive, and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Shoucair earned a medical degree (D.O.) from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, a bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Psychology from The University of Michigan, and a master’s degree in public health (M.P.H.) from The Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Shoucair is also a U.S. Army veteran of 34 years of combined Active, Reserve, and National Guard service. He currently serves in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Medical Corps Officer and Flight Surgeon, and holds the rank of Colonel. Dr. Shoucair is originally from Detroit but has been an Illinois resident for the past 15 years.

Chronic Pain Care Providers Schaumburg IL Steve Burlison

Dr. Steve Burlison - Director of Education

Dr. Burlison is a renowned natural health practitioner, board-certified chiropractor, nationally published author and keynote speaker. With over a decade of healthcare experience. Dr. Burlison has seen the amazing health benefits of combining both natural treatments along with modern medical advancements that had shown to get life-changing results.

Chronic Pain Schaumburg IL Toni Giovannetti Clinic Co-Founder

Dr. Toni Giovannetti

Chronic Pain Schaumburg IL Justin Linker Clinic Director

Dr. Justin Linker - Clinic Director

I have always known that my path was in the healing-arts, and I have been on the front lines of healthcare for over fifteen years. But after ten years of practice, because of struggles in my life, I began to gain weight and damage my own body. Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, bad habits, and long work hours all lead to a steady increase in weight, and a major decline in my health.

It wasn’t until 2015, when Dr. Burlison recruited me to become his Clinic Director, that I could finally put my health-life back together.  You see, as a Functional Medicine doctor, I had all the knowledge about diet, body chemistry, exercise, etc. but I wasn’t applying these own principles in my own life. This team and the protocols that are in place has helped me lose almost 40 pounds now, and I am so proud to help our practice members from the knowledge of my own experiences.  Not only do I have my health back, but I now work each day to help others just like me. I no longer practice out of books or from case studies. I now practice from true-life experiences, which has made all the difference in the world.

Chronic Pain Schaumburg IL Jean Office Manager

Jean - Office Manager

I am so thankful that I get to work with such an amazing team! I remember the first time I met Dr. Burlison. You see, there was a time when I was severely obese… or just call it fat!I recall being at my son’s ballgames and just wanting to hide. In my heart I wanted to cheer him on and encourage him but most of all I wanted to be invisible.

My weight had just gotten so out of control.I had tried it all, and I mean ALL. I had tried diet pills, supplements, Weight Watchers, working out, yoga, Pilates, spinning classes and classes that made my head spin. If I did lose some weight, it returned (and then some) within weeks.Then I met Dr. Burlison and his functional medicine approach. This was a turning point in getting my life back. That was a few years ago now and I have lost all the weight, gained my fitness and reclaimed my life. This is one of the many reasons I am so proud to be part of this team.


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