Pituitary Symptom Patterns and Body Type

Pituitary Symptom Patterns and Body Type

Pituitary Symptom Patterns and Body Type Schaumburg IL

The pituitary gland regulates hormones. It has been described as the “Master Gland” of the endocrine system. It is attached to the Hypothalamus which is considered part of the limbic system. The limbic brain evolved in the first mammals. It records memories of behaviors that produced good and bad experiences. It is responsible for what are called emotions in human beings.

So if someone says that your emotions are all in your head, then they are correct! But what they are failing to also tell you is that they are also in your thyroid, liver, adrenal, and gonads since they create hormones that communicate back to your pituitary and thus your limbic brain…

The pituitary gland is very sensitive to outside stimuli as it is developing. We know this because the smallest and tallest humans all have some kind of pituitary connection. You see, the pituitary is in charge of making Growth Hormone (GH) that grows things, like bones and tissues.

It is very important that the signals (hormones) from the pituitary get to the desired location or you can experience fertility problems, leaky gut, bone fractures, etc…

The Pituitary Symptom Pattern

Once the adult has fully developed, then the under-developed or malnourished gland can become tired and symptoms can develop. There are a few foods, herbs, and activities that stimulate the pituitary. Long distance running, breast feeding, sex, drinking milk, ginseng, magnesium, manganese to name a few. Why would a craving for milk be witnessed in Pituitary Types? Milk contains naturally occurring pituitary hormone stimulation (exogenous gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH)).

Pituitary growths including tumors can exhibit symptoms such as blurred vision, yellow or green discharge from the mammary glands (breasts), a whole range of seemingly unrelated areas of the endocrine system.

8 Common Pituitary Symptoms Schaumburg IL

Pituitary Body Type

Pituitary symptoms are first witnessed as children develop. Too fast or slow, then the pituitary can be supported. Early Endocrinologists such as Henry Harrower MD, prescribed pituitary glandular extracts to under-developing children. Modern practitioners still prescribe synthetic pituitary hormones if a child is falling behind in their growth development chart.

3 Stages of Pituitary Body Types Schaumburg IL


It is very important to understand if the pituitary gland needs treatment or nutritional support. If you match some of these symptoms and body composition patterns, then you should take the questionnaire and see where to start testing to find your priority. Testing is key to understanding how tired your pituitary glands are and what steps may be necessary to recover their function.

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