Acupuncture in Schaumburg IL

Acupuncture in Schaumburg IL

With recent advancements in the health care industry, the benefits of acupuncture are often forgotten or even ignored. However, acupuncture is one of only a few health care options that has a history encompassing a time frame extending back before 10,000 BC. Over that time, acupuncture has helped millions of people recover from hundreds of sicknesses and heal in a non-invasive, natural way. In fact, the World Health Organization recently released a document describing the many benefits of acupuncture, revealing that this approach to health care has been proven to help with over 28 conditions. With the overwhelming success of acupuncture, our doctors at Meridian Chiropractic Health Center in Schaumburg IL have put together this short article to provide you with some basic information about this health care option.

The Foundation of Acupuncture:
The success of acupuncture is largely tied to its unique approach to healing. Traditionally, acupuncture has focused on restoring the bodies energy which allows the body to heal itself. To accomplish this, health care providers focus on creating a balance between the bodies individual systems so that it can function properly. Ancient Chinese medical practitioners labeled the bodies energy as Qi (chee). This Qi or energy is what allows a person to function and is responsible for determining a person’s health state.

While the study of acupuncture is complex, practitioners focus on stabilizing the pathways of the bodies energy which flows through 12 different meridians. It is believed that when these pathways become unbalanced, the cells, organs, and tissues within the body are deprived of their necessary nutrition and energy. Unless these disruptions are corrected in a timely matter, the affected area of the body often becomes diseased or even dies. In fact, many patients report a reduction or absence of symptoms such as pain, tiredness, and nausea shortly after receiving their first acupuncture treatment.

Each day, people are often presented with an insurmountable amount of stress. This stress can come in a physical form such as a car accident, mental stress such as added tasks at work, or chemical stress from all of the toxins in our environment. With these factors and many more, it is easy to understand how our bodies natural state becomes disrupted. While many health care professionals resort to chemical prescription drugs and surgery to treat the resultant symptoms, acupuncturists focus on allowing the body to heal naturally.

What to Expect from Your Acupuncturist:
Just as communication throughout your body is important for health, so is full communication between you and your acupuncturist. To begin, your acupuncturist will spend as much time as necessary learning about your health history and concerns. Prior to treatment, your health care provider will perform a full physical exam so that of you are aware of how acupuncture can benefit you. Unlike prescription medications and surgical procedures, your treatment plan will be individualized to your needs depending on the findings from your history and examination.

As discussed previously, your acupuncturist will identify areas of obstructed energy flow. While many people are frightened by needles, the needles used in acupuncture are designed to be so small that the majority of patients describe the treatments as pain free. The needles are applied in carefully calculated areas where there is a lack of energy flow or Qi. With proper placement, these needles are sufficient to cause the stimulus necessary to restore the bodies energy. As the body becomes balanced it is able to heal itself and even prevent against future disease.

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